Rules for entering the Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2021

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Rules for the Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2021. It is the responsibility of the entrants to acquaint themselves with the contest rules before paying the entry fee and submitting images. All entries not complying with the contest rules will be excluded from the contest. The entrance fee will not be refunded.

1. About the contest: The contest is owned and run by Visuell Natur, the publishers of the Natur&Foto Magazine.

2. Participation: Registration at, click here. Registration is free of charge and anyone can participate, except for people who have personal relations or employment conditions connected to the organiser. When you are registered you can pay an entrance fee of NOK 250 for this year's contest. If you are under the age of 18, you can enter the contest for the "Young Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year". This contest is free of charge.

3. Nordic images: The Nordic Nature Photo Contest is a competition focusing on Nordic light, wildlife and magnificent landscapes. With the exception of the category Travel Photo, all images must be taken in one of the Nordic countries, Norway (Svalbard/Spitsbergen), Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark (including the Faeroe Islands and Greenland).

4. Travel Photo: We have introduced a separate category called Travel Photo for the nature photographer who likes to travel. A portfolio of six images from a specific travel destination anywhere in the world is submitted. The images must be shot on one and the same trip. The images in the portfolio should have a common theme.

5. You cannot enter images which have previously received awards in major photo competitions.

6. Image Rights: Natur&Foto reserves the right to use prize-winning/commended images gratuitously in the contest's official exhibition, in the book issued in connection with the contest, on Natur&Foto's websites and in all promotion of the contest, including the presentation of the winning images in the Natur&Foto Magazine. In return, all winners will receive a prize as well as the contest's year book containing many of the winning images. Usage exceeding this is remunerated by agreement.

7. Number of entered images: A maximum of five images can be uploaded in each category except for "Young Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year" where a portfolio of six images must be uploaded and in the category "Travel Photo" where a portfolio of six images must be uploaded.

8. The images must be shot within the last three years calculated from the contest's closing date for uploading.

9. Guidelines for Digital Image Editing

Format: Only digital photos can be entered. The file size uploaded for judging by the judging panel must be 1400 pixels on the longest side, maximum 1.5 MB.
The camera's best resolution is to be used, the images can be cropped, but should be at least 2300x3600 pixels, about A4 size.

Image Adjustment: Images should be as true to nature as at the time of being shot. Information about montage (fusing of several images, HDR, stitching), multiple exposures and double exposure, and any major changes made in Photoshop must be given. Removing or adding elements of nature, for example, animals, parts of animals, plants, clouds, snowy weather etc. is not allowed.

File information: The image must contain the photographer's name and telephone number.

10a. Filename: The filename will be change to something random when uploading. Therefor it is not important what you have named the file before the upload. But normaly it is good to avoid special characters and Norwegian characters.

10b. Image Title: The image title should be a very short description of the picture. This title will also be used later on in case of awards. This title can be also be changed later on.

11. Create a descriptive image information. Information about the image must be entered in the Description window which appears while the image is being uploaded. The text here can be edited up until the contest closes. The window will appear when you click on the image title. Then select Edit in the menu which appears under the image.

12. The original image file must be made available to the judging panel or the Natur&Foto Editorial on request.

13. Ethics: Images of animals/birds tamed or in captivity cannot be entered. If the judging panel receives information that important ethical rules have been broken during the shooting of an image, for example, unnecessary disturbance or destruction of nature, it can disqualify the entrant and the submitted work. If this information is discovered after judging is completed, the photographer will lose the title and must return the prize. The exception is the category "Threatened Nature", where the images can include tame animals or animals in captivity.


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